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Weejee Press Info

Media Contact

Jo-Anne Chase
Bolt Public Relations
919 606 7353

Weejee Press Kit (PDF)

Corporate Address

WeejeeLearning, LLC
300 Blackwell Street, Suite 100
Durham, NC 27701

Eastern Time Zone

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Weejee Facts

  • WeejeeLearning was founded in 2010.
  • Weejee’s principals are Tracy Bissette, Chief Learning Officer, and Ian Huckabee, CEO
  • Our mission? To rid the world of ho hum learning.
  • Our slogan? The blah stops here.™
  • Weejee has nine full-time employees.
  • In addition, we keep a core team of over a dozen contractors busy full time or nearly full time.
  • We maintain a vetted resource database of over 90 contractors.
  • WeejeeLearning is a woman-owned small business.

Where’d we get the name?

“Whee” is the sound someone makes when they’re having fun. “Gee” is the sound they make when they have an a-ha moment.

A Wee Bit More

WeejeeLearning, LLC is a custom learning design and development company providing enterprise-wide e-learning solutions to Fortune 500 companies, NGOs, non-profits and small to mid-sized businesses. WeejeeLearning specializes in highly interactive e-learning, instructional design, mobile learning, and strategies for social learning and community building.