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  • Federal Employee Travel Training

    These courses take a deep dive into federal travel regulations that a government employee needs to know. This fun and interactive travel training takes learners around the world!

    Improving Auditing Skills with xAPI

    This first-of-its kind learning solution uses xAPI to gamify data auditing using one real-time data stream across multiple LMSs and all modules.

    Simulated High-quality CPR Game

    Micro videos remind clinicians of CPR basics, followed by three rounds of simulated practice. A leader board and social sharing increase engagement.

    Quest for Compliance Knowledge

    As employees complete sections of the course, they earn gadgets that help them find hidden objects in five cities. This engaging compliance game grabs the learner’s attention and holds it throughout.

    3D Device and Equipment Training

    These interactive modules introduce learners to device design, installation procedures, and service tasks. Photo-realistic 3D models help turn simple manuals into something magnificent.

    Forensic Accounting Certification

    Accountants engage in suspenseful scenarios to learn valuable forensic accounting skills. A law-and-order theme and highly interactive exercises make this learning edge-of-your-seat entertaining.
  • HTML5 Customer Service Training

    Employees walk through a Hall of Fame using gallery map guides and other aids to discover superstar exhibits and interactive kiosks as they seek best practices for excellent customer service.

    HTML5 Online Board Game

    This HTML5 game and its accompanying promotional teaser videos helped engage employees around the world. It was produced in seven languages.

    Social Media Training

    These interactive modules use social learning strategies to train and update corporate social media managers on the use of social media across all areas of the organization, from marketing and customer service to corporate training and supplier communications.

    Sales Training

    It‘s a jungle out there, and some topics are too important for PowerPoint. This game on how to win proposals contains 10 challenging, real-world tasks, unlocked by the learner one at a time.

    A Really Fun Engagement Survey

    How do you make engagement surveys engaging? Integrating departmental leader boards allowed this anonymous survey engine to increase annual Engagement Survey completion to nearly 100% globally at this Fortune 500 company.

    NGO Training

    This NGO employee orientation incorporates fun and engaging knowledge checks, videos, maps, narration, and stunning graphics. A travel theme allows users to create a passport to success.
  • Privacy Basics In the Workplace

    The goal of this course was to ensure that learners behave in accordance with the client’s acceptable use policy and identify and report any violations.

    Slips, Trips and Falls Training

    This compliance course sends learners back in time to prevent an injury by recognizing hazards, explaining potential injuries and identifying prevention steps.

    Volunteer Training

    Engaging scenarios, knowledge checks and highly interactive on-screen activities engage and motivate volunteers. Badges and social media make the learning fun and social. Based on Weejee’s Race to the Finish Qwick Custom theme.

    Cross-Cultural Micromodules

    A series of four minute modules addressed topics such as high and low context cultures, working on a virtual team, negotiations and cross-cultural presentations.

    National Fire Door Inspections

    This course was designed for the Door Security & Safety Foundation to help inspectors across the US perform visual inspections and functional testing of fire door assemblies.

    HTML5 Interactive Timeline

    Desktop and tablet users can travel through history by simply dragging or swiping, and by zooming and clicking. A robust back-end database allows administrators to easily add or edit events.