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Your learners are mobile, and accommodating them across devices, across contexts and around the globe is becoming less challenging. We create interactive mobile learning that follows your learner anywhere using browser-based platforms or device-specific apps.

Our solutions include custom user interfaces and can be created with social layers, gamification and a means for gathering and storing learner information. For instance, we offer a full-featured LMS / LCMS that provides a platform for delivering content to your learners while allowing you to manage and track their performance and skill development on an ongoing basis, even when they’re far from home.

Our browser based-solutions help to reduce development costs while providing a standardized and unified solution across all devices for a consistent learner experience. These solutions can be easily integrated into an existing LMS.

The Instructor
We’re also mindful of the opportunities mobile learning technologies offer the instructor. As a learning company, we stay on top of new and emerging technologies to help our clients develop competencies in creating on-the-spot learning materials.

Informal Learning
Mobile learning has become an important part of informal learning. Learners gain useful feedback and stronger insights in collaborative environments offered by their mobile devices. Corporations and organizations can now achieve stronger business results by easily providing effective experiences that accommodate learners on the go.