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The opportunities for meeting learning goals and objectives have exploded in the age of mobility and increased connection online. As new trends and technologies emerge, understanding how to incorporate them into a sustainable approach to your learning can be tricky. We help organizations create a roadmap based on their goals and the evolving ways in which learners acquire information and how they put that information to use.

Our solutions align your learning initiatives with the goals of your organization. We use our expertise to create a roadmap for learning based on your learning needs and key characteristics of your learning audiences.

  • Needs assessment and analysis
  • Learning technologies analysis
    • LMS
    • LRS
    • Intranet
    • Browser versions
    • Mobile device types
  • Learning roadmap
    • Formal
    • Mobile
    • Social
  • Program design and development
    • E-learning, blended learning, ILT
    • Community building
    • Vendor management
  • Content conversion strategy for legacy courses
    • Flash to HTML
    • Mobilization
    • Course updates