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Ian Huckabee


Ian Huckabee is co-founder and CEO of WeejeeLearning. He has more than twenty years of financial and operations experience within technology-driven industries. Ian is a digital strategist and technologist specializing in social strategy and training and has formed partnerships with leading technology companies in the learning and social media spaces. Ian’s focus is on innovations in e-learning as well as business strategy and marketing. He works on key strategic issues day-to-day.

Prior to WeejeeLearning, Ian was the Vice President of Audio Operations and Marketing for Sony Music Entertainment Inc. in New York. He served on the board of directors of CEA’s TechHome division, representing the wired home and home networking products channel. Ian has built several businesses and shares his thoughts about the Internet and its coming trends through Weejee, various blogs and publications, and through his teaching and speaking engagements.

Ian’s blog posts

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