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The xAPI can free your organization from the restrictions of the LMS and open up a world of possibilities for learning. Also know as Tin Can, it can be used in practically any environment where workers work and where they learn. We create strategic learning solutions that employ the xAPI across platforms, devices and domains, providing the most meaningful, comprehensive and actionable learner data you’ve ever had.

Track learning as it happens anywhere.

  • Informal environments
  • Formal modules
  • Mobile devices
  • Online, offline
  • The work place
  • Simulations
  • Learning games

Be innovative! With better information.

  • Team-based performance data
  • Multiple scores for a single course
  • And anything you wish SCORM could do
  • Leader boards
  • Competency badging
  • Bonus interactions
  • Peer notifications

Gain insights from places you know …

  • Blended learning
  • SharePoint
  • Gamification
  • Social learning
  • Mobile learning
  • Experiential environments
  • Blogs and wikis

… And places you might not know.

  • Interactive videos
  • Transmedia storytelling
  • Adaptive and personalized learning
  • Next-generation ecosystems

The xAPI is a learning technology specification designed to capture, store, and provide access to learning experiences wherever and whenever they happen.

Because of its simplicity, consistency, and its ability to support existing SCORM-compliant learning solutions, xAPI learning solutions can live in non-xAPI-ready LMSs. But unlike SCORM, the xAPI can be used across multiple domains, making it the ideal tool for tracking learning experiences in emerging mobile and collaborative environments.

With extensive reporting features, the xAPI will help learning departments address a more connected world by providing ROI on learning that occurs in online and offline, formal and informal cases, for instance intranets, online social environments, and on-the-job and other experiential environments.

It’s device- and technology-agnostic, offering IT departments assurances against shifts in technology.

The xAPI was created by Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL), the producers of SCORM. Sometimes referred to as the Next Generation of SCORM, the xAPI makes it easy to securely capture data generated by learner activities and behaviors across many technologies and in many environments. This frees your organization from the single-domain LMS restriction and opens up new possibilities for learning.