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Who We Are

Tracy Bissette
CLO and Co-founder, M.Ed. — Tracy is a learning strategist, instructional designer and entrepreneur. She designs e-learning programs learners actually enjoy taking and focuses on creating meaningful change in the workplace. She is responsible for Weejee's unique brand of fun learning. More »
Ian Huckabee
CEO and Co-founder — Ian works on strategic issues day-to-day at Weejee. His focus is on company-wide strategy, product and business innovation, and key initiatives. Ian’s areas of specialty include social learning, learning technologies, digital and social strategy, and filtering fun into things. More »
"I promise to track down the ho-hum and the blah in my work and slay them with the bright sword of Funification."
Jenny Roberts
VP of Client Care

Sun. Lake. Boat. Waterski. Woohoo! I also love singing in the car, taking pictures of my husband and two girls. And organizing closets!

Chris Manaro
VP of Sales

I have more interests than time. Hockey, fishing, exercising, spending time in the woods with my Vizsla. But a good family night with my wife and kids is tough to beat.

Michelle Thacher
Senior Instructional Designer

I love warm weather and spend as much time as possible at the beach or in the pool. I also enjoy going for walks and watching football. Go Pats!

Alana McCall
Creative Project Manager

I am an eternal dreamer and avid adventurer. I don’t just try to think outside the box, I try to live there. I love traveling with my family and can’t wait to show my kids the world!

Claire Colleran
Creative Project Manager

I’m a yoga teacher, and I love trail walks with my dog, Ollie. I love learning! Specifically foreign languages, which makes traveling to new places fun and exciting.

Shelly Boyce
Senior Instructional Designer

My love language is homemade food. I’m a runner (to keep up with my toddler), and my free time is filled with family, the outdoors, and supporting new moms as a volunteer LC.

Clare Sipler
Executive Assistant

I love new experiences – exploring new cities, eating at new restaurants, and trying new recipes. I also love spending time at home reading a good book, knitting, and spending time with my family.

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