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Who We Are

Tracy Bissette
CLO and Co-founder, M.Ed. — Tracy is a learning strategist, instructional designer and entrepreneur. She designs e-learning programs learners actually enjoy taking and focuses on creating meaningful change in the workplace. She is responsible for Weejee's unique brand of fun learning. More »
Ian Huckabee
CEO and Co-founder — Ian works on strategic issues day-to-day at Weejee. His focus is on company-wide strategy, product and business innovation, and key initiatives. Ian’s areas of specialty include social learning, learning technologies, digital and social strategy, and filtering fun into things. More »
"I promise to track down the ho-hum and the blah in my work and slay them with the bright sword of Funification."
Jenny Roberts
VP of Client Care

Sun. Lake. Boat. Waterski. Woohoo! I also love singing in the car, taking pictures of my husband and two girls. And organizing closets!

Chris Manaro
VP of Sales

I have more interests than time. Hockey, fishing, exercising, spending time in the woods with my Vizsla. But a good family night with my wife and kids is tough to beat.

Dina Lavaia
Senior Creative Project Manager

I love spending time with my amazing husband and beautiful daughter. I enjoy Brazilian music, barbecuing, and reading a really good book.

Rachel Barnum
Creative Project Manager

I love travelling. I could talk your ear off about Thailand. Living in Washington DC, every day is an epic adventure, but nothing beats eastern NC BBQ.

Donnie Kohler
Senior Developer

I love living in a world of possibilities. I like to analyze problems, identify patterns, and to come up with new ideas and ways of improving things.

Claire Colleran
Ops and Admin Coordinator

I’m a yoga teacher, and I love trail walks with my dog, Ollie. I love learning! Specifically foreign languages, which makes traveling to new places fun and exciting.

Michelle Thacher
Senior Instructional Designer

I love warm weather and spend as much time as possible at the beach or in the pool. I also enjoy going for walks and watching football. Go Pats!

Jill Proudfoot
Instructional Designer

I get covered in dirt from my gardens, tinker with antique toy restoration and am known for my comedic "eccentric character" roles in community theatre. Love friends, family, and frivolity!

Liz Lusardi
Quality Assurance

I’m an avid historical fiction reader, I like to speed-walk and body surf, and I’m addicted to crossword puzzles and Sudoku. Love time with my husband, two daughters and our crazy dog, Max.