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Award-Winning E-learning for
and Non-profits

You have an important point to make.

We understand this. Which is why we’ve been called upon by leading associations, NGOs and non-profits to craft and convey messages and information to a variety of audiences. Weejee’s e-learning solutions for associations and non-profits drive change. They’re also sustainable, marketable and profitable. We design programs with your learner in mind, and we also pay particular attention to any concerns about cost and financial return. Your learning is important — a point we know well.

How we’re helping associations and non-profits:

Professional development for members and non-members

Professional development courses can be a significant source of revenue for many organizations, whether augmenting existing professional development options or creating a program from scratch. We implement formal and informal solutions in subject areas ranging from leadership training to effectiveness skills.

Training for staff, volunteers and affiliates chapters

From employee orientations to global mission alignment, our training solutions incorporate interactive and engaging elements that lead to – dare we say it – fun. Engaging knowledge checks, infographics, videos, and highly interactive on-screen activities engage staff and motivate volunteers.

Advocacy and issue education

They’re not as likely to act, donate or volunteer if they don’t embrace the cause. We help organizations overcome this challenge with innovative approaches to building empathy, understanding and awareness. Our activities-based learning solutions draw your audience into your issue and encourge them to act.

The right e-learning strategy

Digital environments are changing rapidly. Our experience helps you meet your learning objectives through sustainable solutions. We maintain a strong focus on agility, innovation and integration so that your learners’ needs are seamlessly addressed.

E-learning on the go – Mobile learning

It’s obvious by now that much of your audience can be anywhere at any given time. We’re a leader in browser-based mobile solutions for learning. We create courses and job aids that can be delivered across multiple devices — computers, tablets and smartphones — from a single solution.

E-learning projects for associations and non-profits