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Weejee Learning Launches Qwick Custom

by Ian Huckabee on October 21, 2014

Custom E-Learning Solutions Created in Less Than Half the Normal Time

Qwick Custom E-learningDurham, North Carolina – Oct. 21, 2014 – Weejee Learning, a global provider of fun, interactive enterprise-wide custom learning solutions, is launching its newest offering, Qwick Custom – a selection of highly adaptable pre-designed themes that can be easily tailored with an organization’s own content and branding to streamline the creation of custom e-learning courses. The results are a high-end, highly interactive courses developed in a fraction of the time it takes to produce traditional fully customized courses from scratch.

“Qwick Custom themes are complete courses – they’re not templates,” says Tracy Bissette, Weejee’s co-founder and CLO. “Each theme is customized by our teams to create high-quality, interactive learning experiences quickly and affordably. We’re so excited to introduce Qwick Custom, as it allows us to expand the accessibility of custom e-learning tools and make fun, sophisticated, interactive learning solutions available to a broader audience.”

The Qwick Custom process is straightforward yet comprehensive. Each Qwick Custom project carried out with the assistance of a Weejee content coach who guides the customer throughout the process. Customers assemble their content with Weejee’s guidance; they browse and select course designs based on the content, the organization’s culture and on other considerations; and Weejee’s award-winning instructional designers convert the content provided into a fresh and engaging custom e-learning course.

Weejee will debut Qwick Custom later this month at DevLearn, North America’s most leading conference on learning and training technologies. The conference will be held on Oct. 29 to 31 in Las Vegas.

Weejee was founded in 2010 and helps organizations around the world realize the proven effectiveness of incorporating fun and engagement into learning and e-learning initiatives. Weejee has leveraged this approach for national and global corporations, non-governmental organizations, associations and other nonprofits. Its award-winning thought leadership and technical innovation services include custom digital solutions, curriculum and learning needs analyses, program design, social learning strategy and instructional design and development.


Weejee Learning Co-Founders to Present at DevLearn 2014

by Ian Huckabee on October 7, 2014

Weejee to Lead Guild Academy Pre-conference Blended Course on Project Management and Concurrent Session on xAPI Design Ideas

Fun E-learningDurham, North Carolina – Oct. 9, 2014 – Weejee Learning, a global provider of fun, interactive enterprise-wide custom learning solutions, will serve as premium level sponsor at the upcoming DevLearn Conference and Expo 2014 where the company’s founders will be leading presentations on two different topics. Weejee Learning will also be sponsoring DevLearn’s eLearning DemoFest – an event where conference participants showcase their latest innovations.

DevLearn is one of North America’s leading technology events focused on learning technologies. It offers more than 125 concurrent sessions covering critical topics to assist attendees in developing new skills and expertise in the management, design and development of technology-based learning. The conference takes place in Las Vegas from Oct. 29 to 31,

Weejee Co-founder and CEO Ian Huckabee will be speaking at the conference. His session, “Seven Surprising Ways the xAPI Can Improve eLearning Design,” will demonstrate novel ways in which the Experience API can be used to overcome some of the most common learning challenges that organizations face. He will co-present with Saltbox president and CEO John Delano.

Tracy Bissette, co-founder and president of Weejee, will be leading a Guild Academy Pre-conference Blended Course entitled “Project Leadership for Instructional Designers” – a blended learning offering combining live online training beginning in October and culminating with a two-day in-person workshop at DevLearn. The five-part course helps participants cultivate and refine project management skills in the development of instructional design solutions.

Additionally, for the second consecutive year, Weejee Learning is sponsoring DevLearn’s eLearning DemoFest. This event provides conference participants with a forum to unveil their latest e-leaning innovations and share information about the tools, technologies and processes used to build them. Attendees vote in a peer review process on their favorite solution in each category, and Weejee presents the Weejee Award for innovation and engagement. The event will be held Thursday, Oct. 30 from 4 to 6 p.m. The winning entries will be recognized during the general session the following morning and will be featured in a DemoFest highlight webinar to go live following the close of the conference.

“We’re thrilled to be sponsoring DemoFest again this year. So much time, energy and innovation goes into development of e-learning solutions, and DemoFest is such a fun, interactive way for organizations to demonstrate new ideas in learning,” said Huckabee. “Tracy and I are also honored to be presenting at the conference. To be able to share insights and get feedback from peers is always such an incredibly rewarding experience.”

Weejee, which was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, works with enterprises nationally and globally, providing custom digital solutions, curriculum and learning needs analyses, program design, social learning strategy, and instructional design and development. To learn more, visit


E-learning and Games: The Big Takeaways

September 25, 2014

If the e-learning industry had a Trending Now ticker like Twitter, then gamification would be sitting comfortably just below xAPI. Using the word “trend” does suggest that gamification is a fleeting fancy, but I wouldn’t compare gamification to UGG boots just yet (those are gone now, right?). Gamification is changing the face of e-learning and [...]

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Internet Explorer Helps Make Learning Fun

August 13, 2014

Do you remember Internet Explorer 6? Mention this relic browser to developers and watch their eyes roll. IE6 was released in August 2001, and eight years later Microsoft was still committed to supporting it in spite of its increasing loss of interoperability. Microsoft felt it was acting in the interest of its users by supporting [...]

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The New Attention Span

April 7, 2014

Someone told me recently entropy isn’t what it used to be. I haven’t been able to stop offering that up as a quip for why anything goes differently than expected. For many in the world of learning and training, things do appear to be going differently than expected. When we look at learning in the [...]

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Weejee Learning Co-Founder Tracy Bissette and eLearning Guild Partner on Academy Course Series

January 27, 2014

Bissette to Teach Course on Improving Instructional Design Execution Durham, N.C. – Jan. 9, 2014 – Weejee Learning chief learning officer and co-founder Tracy Bissette has partnered with The eLearning Guild to lead a series of classes for The eLearning Guild Academy in 2014.  The eLearning Guild, the oldest and most trusted source of information, [...]

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Bubble-free E-learning – Tailoring and Customizing Online Experiences

October 22, 2013

The rate at which the e-learning industry is growing speaks to significant changes in our world that have far-reaching effects socially and economically. These changes are rooted in technology, and their outcomes are determined by the speed with which we address their cultural impact. At DevLearn this year, Eli Pariser, an Internet activist and author [...]

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Tutus and Training

October 14, 2013

Ballet has been a revered art form since the 15th century but I recently read an article about the widespread decline of ballet ticket sales. “Ballet Internationale, Oakland Ballet and Ohio Ballet all closed their doors over the last several years” while other companies have remained on hiatus. (Tossing away the tutus? Ballet companies seek [...]

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