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The Blah Stops Here

WeejeeLearning is the arch-enemy of boredom and its ugly cousin dullness. Our quest is to seek them out and slay them wherever they rear their heads. (Which is pretty much everywhere.)

Our chosen weapon in this fight? Fun.

Fact is, learning is more effective and long-term when it’s also fun.

Studies show that being in a positive emotional state stimulates the brain to learn more. Fun makes intimidating information engaging, the perplexing easier to comprehend and transforms the ho-hum into the life of the party.

Our award-winning team of instructional designers, developers, graphic and animation artists, social media specialists, and technology architects creates highly effective learning experiences by making them highly entertaining. The result? Learning programs with the transformative power your organization needs.

We call this Funification.

It’s not fun for fun’s sake. It’s fun for learning’s sake.