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Weejee Learning Launches Qwick Custom

by Weejee Learning on October 21, 2014

Custom E-Learning Solutions Created in Less Than Half the Normal Time

Qwick Custom E-learningDurham, North Carolina – Oct. 21, 2014 – Weejee Learning, a global provider of fun, interactive enterprise-wide custom learning solutions, is launching its newest offering, Qwick Custom – a selection of highly adaptable pre-designed themes that can be easily tailored with an organization’s own content and branding to streamline the creation of custom e-learning courses. The results are a high-end, highly interactive courses developed in a fraction of the time it takes to produce traditional fully customized courses from scratch.

“Qwick Custom themes are complete courses – they’re not templates,” says Tracy Bissette, Weejee’s co-founder and CLO. “Each theme is customized by our teams to create high-quality, interactive learning experiences quickly and affordably. We’re so excited to introduce Qwick Custom, as it allows us to expand the accessibility of custom e-learning tools and make fun, sophisticated, interactive learning solutions available to a broader audience.”

The Qwick Custom process is straightforward yet comprehensive. Each Qwick Custom project carried out with the assistance of a Weejee content coach who guides the customer throughout the process. Customers assemble their content with Weejee’s guidance; they browse and select course designs based on the content, the organization’s culture and on other considerations; and Weejee’s award-winning instructional designers convert the content provided into a fresh and engaging custom e-learning course.

Weejee will debut Qwick Custom later this month at DevLearn, North America’s most leading conference on learning and training technologies. The conference will be held on Oct. 29 to 31 in Las Vegas.

Weejee was founded in 2010 and helps organizations around the world realize the proven effectiveness of incorporating fun and engagement into learning and e-learning initiatives. Weejee has leveraged this approach for national and global corporations, non-governmental organizations, associations and other nonprofits. Its award-winning thought leadership and technical innovation services include custom digital solutions, curriculum and learning needs analyses, program design, social learning strategy and instructional design and development.

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