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Tech Trends Impacting Learning

by Ian Huckabee on September 26, 2013

Technology and LearningLast week, I had the opportunity to lead a discussion — Technology Trends Impacting Learning and Development — for Stephanie Simon’s ASTD Learning Trends SIG. The turnout was great, and the contributions even greater. Thanks to everyone who showed up! And to Stephanie for inviting me to speak.

I’ve had a passion for technology since as far back as I can remember, particularly technologies that shorten the distance between knowing and not knowing. In our discussion, we touched on many of the trends that are impacting not only our way forward in learning and development, but what happens before, during and after the learning. As a group, we began to understand a lot about how that distance is being shortened.

Below, I’ve included a link to a PDF that outlines some of the technologies we spoke about. It’s certainly not comprehensive, but we touched on some of the obvious ones, like mobile learning, HTML5, responsive design, and gamification, and some of the farther out ones, like wearable computing technology and algorithmically generated content.  We also discussed MOOCs and the implications of certificate-based learning, the Experience API and pervasive learning.

I’m not a digital native, but I’m thrilled to be on the divide. Digital natives are demonstrating that today’s technologies mark a significant departure point for greater collective knowledge and awareness, and serve as the foundation for the building of a new modernity.

Technology Trends Impacting Learning and Development

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